Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun Food Fact---The Blueberry Mystery

Two summers ago, I took a week-long course mainly based in agricultural and food sciences at Cornell University. All of the students enrolled in the course visited the university's blueberry orchard.  As we sampled the many varieties of blueberry, we were treated to some unexpected blueberry-related information. It turns out that the majority of a blueberry's flavor lies in its skin. A neat trick that any skeptics out there can try is to carefully peel the skin off the blueberry as much as possible, rinse the remaining part of the blueberry, and then eat it. The fruit should no longer have its distinct blueberry flavor. What is more interesting, however, is to ask someone else to close their eyes as you feed them the blueberry. You may be surprised to find that many people cannot tell what they are eating! 

Photo by  Zachary Wasserman

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