Friday, April 20, 2012

Blast from the Past Recipes: "In the Magazine" Exclusive

You can find old recipes for Mustard Soup and Roast Calf's Head in our Spring 2012 Issue. Below, find more recipes from the bygone eras:

"How to Make a Bacon Tart"
from The whole Body of Cookery Dissected, taught and fully manifested, Methodically, Artifically, and according to the best Tradition of the English, French, Italian, Dutch etc. (1661)

You must take some fat clear Bacon that is not rufty, and scrape it with your knife, until you have the quantity of a pound or upwards, throw it into fair water: after its well soakt, drain it out, and put it in a stone mortar, and beat it with a wooden pestle; then put to it some Orangado, and dryed Cittern sliced; put to it some Rose water, two handfuls of grated bread, eight eggs, season it with Sugar, Cinnamon, Ginder, Nutmeg, and a little Salt; beat it all together well, and when your coffin, or coffins are made, and a little dryad in an oven, you may put it in and bake it, and serve it up, with a cut, and Wafers on it.

"Savory Porridge"
from The Principles and Practice of Vegetarian Cookery, founded on chemical analysis and embracing the most approved methods of the art (1860)

Oatmeal two or three table-spoonfuls; onions two or three ouches; milk one pint; butter a quarter of an ounce; pepper and salt one tea-spoonful. Boil the onions in two waters; when tender, shred them fine and add them to the boiling milk; sprinkle in the oatmeal, add the butter, pepper and salt; boil ten to fifteen minutes, pour it into soup plates, and serve with sippers. Instead of onions, grated cheese may be stirred in with the oatmeal. Cheese with Indian meal or semolina, forms also another variety of polenta, an Italian dish. For sweet porridge add sugar, raisins, currants etc., instead of the onions and pepper.

"Oeufs au Caffé.
Coffee-eggs, or with Coffee."

from The Art of Modern Cookery Displayed. Consisting of the most approved methods of Cookery, Pastry and Confectionery of the Present Time (1767)

Make some good strong Coffee, let it rest to clear as usual, and sweeten it with Sugar according to Discretion; beat up six Yolks of Eggs, with about four Cups of Coffee, and sift it; pour this in little Moulds, in the Form of Eggs, or of any other; Do not fill them quite; and bake in a mild Oven, or a Dutch one, or with a Brazing-pan; cover between two Fires; they are made after this Manner, in the Shape of any Fruits, or Birds, if you have proper moulds for it, either or Copper or China, &c., &c.

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