Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Food 411 Q & A: "In the Magazine" Exclusive

To gear up for this issue’s picnic feature, we asked some of our favorite Philly food people for ideas. Here’s what they had to say (and don't forget to join us TONIGHT, April 18, at 7:30 pm at 3627 Locust Walk to celebrate the launch!):

Jonathan Adams [Executive Chef, Pub & Kitchen]
“My favorite picnic food is probably biscuits. You can bake them ahead of time and eat them at room temperature. They’re kind of different than a slab of bread and there are a million different varieties.”

Peter Woolsey [Executive Chef, Bistrot La Minette]
“Deviled eggs are the greatest picnic food in the entire universe. They always get a little messy when transporting, but they’re always delicious and worth the trouble Ouefs mimosa are the French version of deviled eggs, and they’re made with Dijon mustard and tarragon instead of paprika.”

Craig LaBan [Restaurant Critic Philadelphia Inquirer]
“There’s nothing like eating fried chicken at room temperature. Speaking of which, it’d be fun to go to Federal Donuts and pick up some hot doughnuts and fried chicken. Don’t forget the chicken salad and traditional Philly hoagies. South Philly is fantastic for provisions: peppers with provolone, prosciutto, and marinated mozzarella balls for Italian fare; bánh mì sandwiches for classic Vietnameses; and oh—the Mexican food! I love chicharrones [fried pork rinds]. There are lots of little stores in Philadelphia that sell them. Tortilleria San Roman in the Italian Market makes authentic tortillas from masa, and incredible salsa. They have the best tortilla chips in the city; I’d want those on my picnic.”

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